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About Broom Boats - Embracing our heritage to launch into the future


Craftsmanship is what defines quality; honed, refined and practised over many years. It’s in the detail, the functionality and the durability. True craftsmanship complements outstanding design and is the difference between something average and something outstanding. Thoughtful details, clever design and a passion for betterment are what underpin everything we do at Broom.

Attention to detail

The quality of finish and attention to detail on a Broom Boat is incomparable due to the time taken on every exacting detail. Each boat we build is unique, due to layout and interior specification being different for every customer. As nothing at Broom is mass-produced or modular we take the time to create something incredible each and every time. Whilst your Broom may take a little longer to create, we believe that it will be worth the wait and you will take ownership of something you are truly proud of.

Timeless Quality

Broom has always built boats by hand and this remains the case today. We hand-lay each GRP mould because we believe that it creates a thicker and stronger hull and superstructure. Our credentials for building and maintaining wooden craft are unquestionable given our history and our heritage team are dedicated to timber boat building and wooden boat restorations

Finest Materials

We source the highest quality hardwoods and veneers for every boat individually; buying in small batch quantities ensures that the colours and grains match perfectly. Each piece of timber is cut and planed by hand, and skilled joiners create bespoke interiors to suit each customer’s requirements.

Dedicated Specialists

Each boat is built by a dedicated team of boat builders, electricians and engineers which stay with the boat right the way through the production process. This ownership of the boat by the build team ensures consistency and nurtures a sense of pride in the craftsmen that create her. This approach also allows customers to speak to the same people about their boat during the entire build process allowing us to deliver an exceptional personal service.